Bill van Dijk in Cyrano.

1993 - 1994

Cyrano The Musical

De dichter Cyrano is verliefd op Roxane, maar uit onzekerheid over zijn te grote neus durft hij haar niet te benaderen. Zij is echter verliefd op Christian, maar deze weet op zijn beurt weer niet hoe hij haar zijn liefde moet verwoorden. Cyrano stelt voor deze brieven voor hem te schrijven, maar met de naam van Christian te ondertekenen.


“Get ready for the performance of your life when bill van dijk takes the stage as cyrano. and take the stage he does. for a bravura exercise. he is the bright light of broadway, and you’ll be hearing tons more about him.”

Larry King, USA Today

“Bill is a likeable and charming performer who sings with a clarion voice.”

Ben Brently, New York Times

“Bill van Dijk is an absolute terrific Cyrano, swashing and buckling like a radiant Errol Flynn! this is a performance of- yes, magnificently – panache.”

Clive Barrnes, New York Post

“Bill van Dijk gives a fine performance, fully justifying his importation, his cyrano is intelligent, vulnerable, appealing and stylish, and he sings his demanding music with a gutteral, wiry voice that is capable of opening up for thrilling climaxes.”

Ken Mendelbaum, Theatre Week

“Bill van Dijk captures every bit of Cyrano’s tragic heroism and it’s clear this talented actor deserves a star next to his name.”

New York 1 News

“Bill van Dijk changes from swaggering braggart to humble poetic lover. the heartache he feels as he conceals his love is almost palpable.”

Laurie Smith Anderson, Sunday Advocate

“Bill van Dijk earns a place as one of the half dozen great Cyrano’s of the century.”

Ward Morehouse III, Christian Science Monitor


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